Our Programs

Selecting a quality daycare center can be a difficult and daunting task for many parents. While away from your child, Le Petit Monde is here to ease concern and worry by providing first class quality of care in a state of the art facility. We are committed to offering a program which is individually tailored to each child’s growth and development in a safe, fun, and educational group setting.

You will find a comprehensive program to meet your entire infant, toddler and preschooler needs. Each of our programs promotes appropriate child development, which helps your child to grow physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Our experienced staff brings education to life by sharing their experience, knowledge and commitment to each and every classroom.

We offer a wide array of schedules and programs to meet individual parent and child needs. All of our programs incorporate a variety of experiences, which support exploration and problem solving. Our programs strive to integrate diversity and awareness of the world around.

Infant Program

Our infant program is as distinctive as your baby!

We know your baby is unique and thus we would never expect your child to follow our schedule. Rather, we will conform to your baby’s individual requirements for feeding, sleeping, and social interaction with the ultimate goal to emulate your schedule at home.

Learning begins at the earliest stages of life. At Le Petit Monde, we not only care for, but also lay the foundation for learning. Thus, our infant activities are carefully and thoughtfully planned to address this base of learning. Throughout the day, trained caregivers will not only see to your child’s every need, but will continually interact with him/her through music, speech and play. These interactions ultimately lay the foundation for language development.

Our infant environment is centered on the well-being of your child.  From the toys to the materials provided, we offer a welcoming and varied play area. Our infant rooms are equipped with a separate sleep area to allow a quiet space for sleeping children. As your child grows our program grows with him/her, which leads for a smooth transition to the toddler program.

Finally, each day the staff will provide you with a written record of your child’s activities and movements.


Toddler Program

Discovering your child’s true self!

Toddlers are forever observing and interacting with the world around them. Here at Le Petit Monde, we support this need to investigate by providing a safe and stimulating program and environment. We offer various educational and developmentally appropriate materials.

Toddlers are beginning to show their true personality through reading, singing, dancing, and playing. These are just a few of the experiences that build on future language and interpersonal development. The need to gain independence is equally important thus we provide self-directed activities in all areas.

The toddler program is the starting point for preschool. Each child’s developmental growth is based on his/her individual readiness and intrigue. We will provide daily reports on your child’s activities and care in order to keep you constantly informed on his/her progress.


Preschool Program

Preparation for the world ahead!

Preschool prepares your child for the future. Every new accomplishment builds on self-esteem and the opportunity for forthcoming learning. Our program provides both straightforward and interesting prospects for learning.

Our curriculum includes monthly themes, various subjects and routine activities, which are all linked to reinforce your child’s reading, writing, math, and self-help skills. We strive to pace each child individually for an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our well trained staff is an integral part in your child’s development at Le Petit Monde. They will assist your child in identifying talents and interests along with learning to socialize with peers. We will not overwhelm your child with learning, but rather provide a stimulating curriculum based on play, individual readiness and interest. Our goal is to ultimately prepare your child for kindergarten.